Friday, November 30, 2012

new jobs for negative political ad writers....

We spent months listening to negative ads about politicians.  Then we had weeks
of happy talk about Christmas sales.  Christmas sale ads could be fun though.  Why
not take the negative ad writers and use them on holiday sales commercials?  

For example,  cue evil sounding music and announcer with low, threatening voice who
has been out of work since the elections ended:

From J.C. Penney: "some Wal-Mart workers are on strike due to low pay and bad
working conditions.  Do you really want to support a company that would do that
to the people that try to help you?  There are alternatives to Wal-Mart.  No, really…."

From Wal Mart:  "J.C. Penney stocks are down.  Their never having a sale strategy
tanked.  They're desperate.  And desperate people will do anything to sell you stuff.
Can you really trust J.C. Penney?"

This would be much more fun to watch than the infinite parade of perfect looking, smiling
people expressing joy over the low priced spatula they found.  Let's bring negative advertising
to Christmas.  

Sears is responsible for the content of this message.  

Not really. 

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