Thursday, December 6, 2012

After 20 years of reality--time for a change...

Alternate Real World:

Since Real World on MTV has been around for two decades, maybe it's time for new ideas for the show.  I thought I would suggest a few:

1.  Instead of the cast consisting of some white people and a token black, a token Hispanic and token gay, do one season of Real World with  2 gay housemates,  2 black housemates, 2 Hispanic housemates  and include a token white heterosexual.  
2.  Put the whole bunch of them in Keokuk, Iowa and watch the hilarity ensue.
3.  Make all the housemates Harvard and Yale graduates.  Give them the same unlimited alcohol they give all Real World casts.  We will learn that smart people can be as dumb as the dopey people that  make up the usual cast.
4.  Have the whole cast  be average looking.  
5.  Make the housemates consist of 4 Republican and 4 Democratic U.S. House Representatives and watch them try to come to bipartisan agreement on where to go for lunch.  The cameras then follow them as they go to the local "Hooters" restaurant.
6.  MTV gives a dollar to charity each time a housemate says "like" or has to be bleeped.
7.  Put the housemates in a dry county.  Then force the cast to have a discussion about a topic.  Any topic.
8.  Think three words:  "Real World, Somalia"